Wooden Bayur for Jepara Furniture

Wooden Bayur for furniture? In addition to teak and mahogany, wood bayur is also widely used as a raw material of furniture in jepara. The average of its use for indoor furniture or indoors, the Bayur wood is not so strong against the extreme weather exposure kayaking and direct solar heat, so it is only for this wood indoor use only.

Although the Bayur wood is not strong against the rain, but it turns out that many boat craftsmen who use this wood for the material making... I was confused somehow why why, what if the salty water is even durable or gimana? Anyone know his or her? Please on for his knowledge in the comments field. We let the story what we know namely... How and how the hell if this Bayur wood is used for the raw material of Jepara furniture making? Here's our opinion...

This wood has a straight and neat fiber, hence if in the furniture industry Jepara, wood Bayur is widely used for furniture that has a solid paint finishing/Duco. For example paint furniture white, black, red and others. If you want furniture that accentuates the beauty of wood fiber and teak, Mahogany remains his idol. Maybe Mindi wood is also so idol number 2 after them.

The Bayur wood is not included in the hardwoods, but the inclusion of the middle class, if according to our experience, the power of the wood of the Bayur is still under mahogany wood. The strength we mean here is the level of violence and resistance to cracks. Bayur wood is pretty good in those two things.

Other features of the wood of Bayur is that it is resistant to pests, although not as strong as teak wood, but the resilience of wood to wood pests is worth the thumbs. For example, we test mahogany wood with the wood is more powerful where the pest attack, Mahogany will be damaged in two weekly, started to eat pests from the inside while the wood is not eaten in the Bayur pest. What might be these reasons that caused the Bayur wood to be worn in the manufacture of boats?

If the main weakness of the wood is indeed less strong, the hardness is less though not easily broken like Mindi wood. The wood of Bayur is also a very special very ordinary alias. Yes maybe this is not a weakness yes, but for us who used teak and mahogany, wood grain bayur look... Ordinary.

So, is good wood Bayur worn for furniture?

Good too but there are disadvantages, the ideal furniture use Bayur wood material for the manufacture according to us are as follows:
  • Furniture that finishing paint Duco/Solid color
  • Used for the jamb and nice house door also this...
  • Indoor hardwood/Decking floors
  • Furniture for Cafe... Suitable this does not need a durable and expensive, wear wood bayur already saucy really
So that's a brief sharing of the wood of Bayur.

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