Teak wood for Jepara furniture

Teak wood for the Jepara furniture industry can be grouped into 2 common categories namely teak wood of the people or dijepara commonly referred to as teak wood of the village. While another is teak wood perhutani or we refer to as teak TPK. Both are distinguish by quality and quite significant price difference. Although the quality and price of teak is also influenced by several other factors such as the location of the growth, the low location of the growth of trees, the levels of lime and other substances, management and care of trees also have a major effect on global quality Teak wood, but in the outline of TPK teak wood is better quality and more expensive in comparison teak wood of the village.

Perhutani Teakwood

This teak wood is managed by the Government through Perhutani, those who are responsible for the quality of the growth of existing teak trees in the forest owned by the state. Teak wood of Perhutani is planted and maintained intensively ranging from good nurseries, regular planting, growing looting, pruning twigs and other treatments.

Because it is well cared for, the resulting teak tree is also good quality. Teak wood fibers are more tightly and regularly patterns, rarely wood and stronger eyes overall. It is still in touch with where this tree grows, soil content and altitude of land from the sea level. In general if the seller of Jepara timber, teak originating from Central Java and East Java is good, is if from West Java area is less so good. This also applies to the teak wood of the village...

Teak Wood for People

Imagine you got a piece of garden behind the house, then you planted teak trees and then after big you slash and sell. This is called the people teak wood or teak village. Teak trees that grow in private and privately managed also. But because teak wood is one of the species that is supervised logging and its usage, when you sell your tree-owned David must obtain permission of the timber from the Perhutani, it is important so that there is no illegal logging Forest.

Because grown in the individual and managed privately, the resulting teak wood is not as good as teak wood. His name also belongs to the Prbadi, so yes it's up to the land. There is no special method of planting, which is important to grow not dry already.

Teak wood of Perhutani VS Teak Village

Actually what is the most noticeable difference between teak wood with wood farming? Honestly, if you are a layman who does not know the right wood, then it is less likely if you will know the difference between the two. If the physical appearance of teak wood has a more tightly fiber, the timber is more spacious. Fiber here is the distance of her kambium ring which is related to how the tree is treated and where she grows, if you see the picture below, the fiber is determined how tightly the rings in the transversal section. The older the tree, the more and the more tightly.

If viewed from the fibers, can be seen drawn below if the teak wood has a more "solid " view compared to the Kampong Teak wood. Please compare yourself to the image below.

But in practice in the furniture industry Jepara we have to be smart and precise in choosing our furniture raw materials to fit the criteria of the order desired. There is always a connection between price and quality in the industry. This is also true in our furniture industry, for example not forever the use of teak wood TPK is the best choice for products with low production cost, because the producers will be familiar with the use of teak wood TPK (original from Perhutani) but with small diameter and low quality. Small diameter wood is commonly obtained from the looting of forest Perhutani.

Small diameter TPK teak tends to have a lot of wood and wood fibers that are not uniform so that the end result will be less good, it would be wise if using teak village with a large diameter that comes from an area that has been Well-known to have good soil contours for quality teak wood growth so that the final appearance and final quality of products can be achieved at an affordable cost.

There is still a lot to discuss on the topic Jenis2 Teak wood for Jepara furniture, we will discuss other things on another occasion. We also found a pretty good source about the difference in the quality of Jepara furniture that relates also to the use of teak wood for furniture raw materials.

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