Mahogany Wood for Jepara furniture

Mahogany Wood is one of the main raw materials of furniture making other than teak wood. Mahogany Wood (Swietenia mahagoni) includes a large tree with a tree height of 35-40 m and a diameter of up to 125 cm with a straight-skinned stem retak2 like a blackish brown scale. The territory grew mostly in Asia with tropical climates. Mahogany boards are brownish red with the edges of almost white color. Mahogany wood fiber fine with a small pori2 so that the furniture products produced are also mostly very smooth.

Many think of quality mahogany products under teak-based products. This is caused the price of raw material of mahogany the print spooler cheaper if compared teak wood.

But on the practice field in the furniture industry Jepara selling price products with mahogany wood material is slightly more expensive if compared with teak wood products, this is in the market share of products made from mahogany wood furniture rata2 is for export needs Expensive.

Almost all Jepara furniture producers who make products with mahogany wood materials are for export needs that demand the treatment of raw materials and workmanship are extra hati2. This treatment of course costs more that will directly affect the final product price.

Mahogany wood used for the manufacture of furniture products must be large diameter, mostly above 30 cm diameter. Because the small diameter mahogany wood has a less stable structure that easily shrinks and also more susceptible to pests. Large diameter wood Of course has higher buy price compared with small diameter.

Mahogany Wood should also get anti-pest treatment, ordinary furniture manufacturer Jepara Soak papan2 mahogany wood in the chemical solution anti Pest, some also do it by boiling the papan2 of mahogany in a large vessel that contains a solution of anti-pests and Boiling water. This process of course costs a very influential effect on the final selling price of the product. The process of working and storing mahogany products should also be extra hati2 because the basic structure of mahogany is vulnerable to weather. Mahogany products can absorb the moisture environment that can result in the onset of fungus or blue stain.

But despite any technical constraints above, mahogany wood is a very beautiful wood appearance. In European countries this wood is more popular in compare teak wood. Used by the cabinet maker to make furniture products of the nobles since the time of the kingdom. The beauty of mahogany products is no longer a doubt. However all back depends on the tastes of buyers who either prefer teak or mahogany furniture products. And also all the explanation of the above mahogany wood is according to the experience and knowledge of our wood author furniture only, you can add and criticize what we have explained in this post this time that took the theme of mahogany wood in the industry Jepara Furniture

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