What is Gold Leaf Finishing in Furniture?

There is one type of finishing that you might rarely hear or see. It's called gold leaf, which means the words are gold sheets. This finishing material is used in classic luxury furniture that has gold accents on the carvings, the shape is very thin sheets that are affixed to the surface of the desired furniture using special glue.

The question then is, what's the difference between gold leaf and gold paint? the answer is the shiny level produced by the gold leaf finishing material is much shiny than paint. Its appearance is like real metal, so it's like real gold if it's been applied to furniture. whereas if you use gold paint, the end result is indeed gold, but it can't be like metal. The following appearance of gold leaf material ...

the gold leaf finishing material is so thin that you have to be very careful when applying. also ... the application is as much as possible not exposed to other materials such as thinner or even our own sweat, the results can be "burnt" if hit by foreign material. That's why the gold leaf applicator must be someone who is an expert and must clean his hands so that they are sterile.

If below, this is a picture during the process of pasting gold leaf finishing materials.

And here are the final results of classic Jepara furniture that has been finished using gold leaf.

Then what's special is gold leaf:
  • More luxurious and elegant appearance
  • Can look like metal
For the disadvantages:
  • Expensive, because the material is expensive and the process is complicated
  • The duration of the process
  • Not suitable for a minimalist model
So that's how we explained about the gold leaf finishing material, if you have questions or suggestions please leave a comment below. thank you

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