Types of Wood Glue or Adhesives in the Jepara Furniture Industry

The types of wood glue or adhesives in the Jepara furniture industry that are commonly used, of the many glue / adhesive products for wood that are on the market, the furniture industry is used only in part, which we think is the most widely used by industry players.
According to our knowledge lenis2 wood glue is:
  1. Epoxy glue
  2. White Glue / PVAc
  3. Foam / Polyurethane glue
  4. Super glue / cyanocrylate adhesive.
The following is our explanation of each of these wood adhesive glue according to our experience in the practice of the Jepara furniture industry in the world.

Epoxy glue

This type of wood glue is the most used in the Jepara furniture industry. This type of wood adhesive consists of 2 main components, namely resin and hardener. Its nature fills the connection space / component that is connected. has a hard texture and is very strong in water and chemical resistance and with a relatively high temperature resistance. with these properties, basically this glue is very good for furniture furniture applications.

Even so, we need to be careful when mixing the 2 components so that they are right and become the perfect mixture. we also have to be careful in estimating how much we need to mix these 2 components, because after 2 components are completely mixed, the drying reaction starts. Drying this glue mixture can reach 100 minutes before then hardens perfectly and cannot be used again. If we make too much mixture it will be very uneconomical.

The disadvantage of epoxy wood glue is that it has a "glue line" / glue that is quite visible and also the hardness that precisely backfires because if the surface of the connected component moves / shrinks slightly then the glue will break / crack. for the application of garden furniture / outdoor (Outdoor Furniture) may not be suitable if using this adhesive material.

White Glue / PVAc

This type of glue is widely used for indoor furniture or furniture for indoor needs. For outdoor use the PVAc white glue product is also very good after getting a hardener addition which makes it stronger without cracking. This glue can be used for all materials that have a porous surface. Its nature is elastic and can adjust to weather changes / weather reactions. Many are also used in Veneer and Papercraft coatings as well as for wall plamur.

The specialty of this product is that it does not have glue line / trace glue marks that are visible because when this glue dries it is clear. This glue is also elastic so that the joint surface that moves / experiences minor shrinkage does not break / crack.

Weaknesses are relatively long drying times so it is not suitable for small craftsmen who are chasing the order.

Foam / Polyurethane glue

Why is it called foam glue or we Javanese call it "unthuk", because when it's dry the glue is in the form of foam or foam. This glue is made from synthetic polyurethane which is strong and weather resistant. Many are used as Finger Joint connection adhesives in minimalist model furniture as well as in the outdoor furniture / furniture industry because of the weather reactance and filling the empty cavity on the connection.

The drawback is less strength for application to the main construction structures of furniture.

Super Glue / Cyanocrylate Adhesive

We used to call this glue an alteko glue only. Alteco is the super glue brand that may first enter the Jepara furniture industry. A clear liquid with glue line adjusts the residue of the material glued together. We use it only for small repairs such as small cracks or small chunks at the end of the product. The presence of this product can be a savior when finishing furniture products that require repairs with only a little time available. This glue can dry out in just a few seconds so it helps us in a hurry.

There are still many types of wood glue available on the market, but we think the type of glue above is what we usually use. If you have additional information that might be able to complement our information, please leave a comment and we will be greatly helped by your experience in the types of wood glue or wood adhesives.

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