Suar Wood for Jepara Furniture Raw Materials

Suar wood or Trembesi wood for raw materials for Jepara furniture is indeed good. but there are some trembesi wood characters that may not be suitable for certain furniture. What is that ? let's get to know more about this wood ...

Suar/Trembesi wood is one of the main types of wood used in the Jepara furniture industry, this wood has very good bwagus fiber similar to teak. even so similar, this wood is called "meh" wood if in jepara language, meh means almost, he said almost like teak ... he said this. but the fiber is really good. this appearance.

Trembesi wood has many nicknames, meh wood, suar wood, joko wood etc. This wood can grow quickly and can reach a very large diameter. many found the diameter of trembesi wood that exceeds one meter. different from teak wood which is very rarely found in such a large size. even if there is a price, it certainly doesn't make sense.

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Advantages of Trembesi Wood

The main advantage of trembesi wood is its huge size. the ability of this tree to grow tropical in nature, even with less water makes it able to grow well anywhere, even the trembesi tree is one of the main shade trees of the highway which is heavily polluted and hot, but still able to grow well in extreme environments such as that.

The other main advantage is that the fiber is good, the fibers are regular and prominent, so the impression of "natural wood" is very thick if used for raw materials for Jepara furniture.

Weaknesses of Trembesi Wood

The main disadvantage of trembesi wood in our opinion is less strong. This wood is classified as III for strength. it becomes less hard and breaks easily. do not hold heat and rain directly so do not use it for outdoor / garden use.

Another weakness is still related to the level of strength of this wood, which is easily eaten by pests. if not handled properly from the start, then wood pests will easily eat this wood because it is indeed a level of violence that is not good enough from this wood.

Our conclusions

In our experience, trembesi wood is not suitable for:
  1. Outdoor furniture that is exposed to direct heat and rain water, can quickly break if hit by heat and foul if hit by direct rain.
  2. Furniture with thin components, again ... the reason is related to the level of strength of this trembesi wood. may be used as long as the overall construction supports the strength of the furniture.
Already ... it seems like only two points are the weaknesses of trembesi wood. but don't get me wrong, though it's only two points but it can be very wide if applied in the Jepara furniture industry. so many things that you can't make using trembesi wood due to their natural properties.

If it fits, trembesi wood is used for furniture that exploits the size of raw materials, for example, goods as follows:

The table leaves measuring 120 x wide by 600 x 15 cm thick, a size that is almost impossible to use with other wood, can be made using this flare wood normally, even relatively easy to get the ingredients.
So this is sharing knowledge, the name is also shared, so there must be opinions that don't suit us. please share knowledge and knowledge about trembesi wood in the comment column ... thank you

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