How to Finishing Natural Wood Using Wax Materials

Finishing wax materials are indeed not very popular in the Jepara furniture industry, rather than not being used, you can lose popularity with Melamine or NC. the reason is not because it is expensive or how to finish natural wood using wax material is difficult, but because the color choices of finishing materials are indeed not too much, only natural colors only with bright variations and just dark colors.
Finishing wax materials There are several choices based on the main ingredients, there are natural waxes made from bees wax and some made from synthetic materials. bees wax is more expensive because it is safe to use finished food (food grade), if you look at it, the two ingredients are almost the same in our opinion. all finishing wax materials are packaged in the form of pasta.

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The way to finish natural wood using wax is actually not too difficult, it actually tends to be so easy that even housewives can do it, here is a step by step method of applying this finishing wax material:
  1. Smooth the surface of the furniture to be colored using wax, use the sandpaper in the direction of wood fiber gradually, starting from no. 100, 120 and so on until the sandpaper number 300 (the smoother the better / shiny the result)
  2. Clean the sandpaper dust and apply the first coat of wax. can use soft and clean cloth or can also use a soft brush. until it's even, don't thin it ... then dry it.
  3. If it is dry, rub the surface of the furniture using a soft and dry cloth until it is shiny, if it is still not shiny, repeat step 2.
  4. In our experience, maximum results can be obtained after 3 layers or repetition of step 2.
There are some features of finishing wax that you might like, one of the most important besides the application that is easy is the appearance that you can finally experience the color of the wood. different from other finishing materials that leave the impression of a "plastic" layer on the surface of the wood, if wax is not, so this finishing material is often used for minimalist furniture that features natural wood fibers.

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The disadvantage of finishing wax is that it does not last a layer, over time it will fade or wear off the wax layer, especially if the finishing application is for outdoor furniture, the faster it wears off. But because of the easy application, this weakness is not a big thing compared to the privileges obtained.

Our conclusion

If you want furniture that looks natural in wood color, easy to maintain, and safe for health (bees wax). finishing wax is the right choice for that. naun if you want furniture that is high gloss or shiny, strong and durable, the finishing material is not suitable for that. maybe you should choose another type of finishing material that suits your needs.

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Regarding finishing with natural colors, finishing waterbase is also a suitable choice to get natural results. You might want to try the application of this material for your furniture. So sharing about the finishing material this time, please comment if you have other opinions or want to ask us something. thank you

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